Whisky Mutterings

It’s the time of year when whisky is at the top of the agenda. Whether its simply what to enjoy come the cold evenings, or gifts for relatives or that wee treat you deserve yourself. All annual things to consider.

I’ve also got the opportunity to sample the infamous ‘Black Bowmore’ as I’ll be in the Whiski Bar in Edinburgh for a evening in December. This isn’t a malt they keep on the shelf within their spectacular range. No, you have to order in advance so it’ll be unleashed from the safe for you to enjoy. At £140 for a 25ml nip, it’s a decision I will have to make shortly. While part of me really wants to experience this unique vintage, I know for the same price I could purchase an 18 year Yamazaki malt and still have enough left for a Clynelish or Highland Park.

My feels are one of compromise and sampling a rare Balblair in the bar, safe in knowledge I can pick up that Yamazaki. It’ll still be a great night out nevertheless.

Plans are being made for an earlier 2012 jaunt up to Aberdeen and Morayshire for just a quick few days relaxation. Of course ‘relaxation’ translates as Distillery visits and there are so many possibilities within such a small geographical area. I’m sure it’ll be the first of a couple visits up north in 2012 so expect a few photographs for those overseas who are unable to visit these sites as easily as I can.


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