Whisky bargains & another tour planned

I’m not going to advertise supermarkets but Sainsbury’s does have some splendid whisky deals on currently. For example the standard 15yr Dalwhinnie malt for an incredible £20. Sadly this was all sold out on my recent visit (another time perhaps?) so instead I picked up this beauty…

At £21 this drinkable Old Pulteney becomes even more welcome. Especially when you consider this distillery is the recipient of the whisky of the year award from Jim Murray for its 21 year incarnation. Like Highland Park (the 12yr discounted by 20%) you cannot really go wrong with this distillery. Too often its placed into the same category of the ‘breakfast malt’ Glenkinchie due to its lightness. I actually prefer to suggest if you’re starting out tasting whisky, this might be a good introduction to a single malt. At these prices I’ll take two please!

There is a brief foray into Sutherland pending later this week. I did consider visiting Glenmorangie, where I’ve been several times but never taken the tour! Instead I never manage to get past the shop, having made some worthwhile purchases and even poured my own bottle and entered the details into the book. The cloth sack and the cask strength spirit made for a memorable occasion.

I’m fortunate in that I can visit Glenmorangie almost at will. So we’ll put that on the back burner and instead I’ll pick another just off the A9 as you head north. The Dalwhinnie distillery is very picturesque but my target is another further north and just off the accident-prone motorway. Yes, Tomatin is next up if everything goes to plan.

Regulars will also notice the new template for the blog which gives you the power to decide which view suits your own preferences. I do like the overall feel and integration of photos, it also marks my renewed dedication to putting more mutterings online in 2012.


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