Suntory Yamazaki 12 year malt

Based on my previous experiences going from a 10yr to a 12yr malt from the same distillery does make a difference but nothing truly remarkable. That’s unlike the switch from these ages to an 18yr malt, where you really appreciate the extra years and enhanced flavours. After opening the Yamazaki 12yr, I’ve had to revisit those preconceptions.

I’ve had the 10yr edition in my possession for sometime now and its a reliable single malt, reminicent of Speyside offerings with a ripe freshness and vanilla notes. Add two years on and there’s an explosion of flavour that was previously lacking. A hint of smokiness comes through without overpowering the balance of the malt and the spicy zing.

Based on this the 18yr is now a must buy. In the meantime, other malts are going to struggle for my attention.

  1. raithrover says:

    I do recall you raving out the 18yr edition. It seems to have shot up in price recently. I know its around £130 instore and online you might be able to save a little more off that, thankfully.

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