Angels’ Share: The Concept

So this is the first entry in what I hope becomes an infrequent series and I have my other half to thank for it. She’s watched me over the years go through various bottles of whisky, as it should be; enjoyed with friends and a warm atmosphere. Recently, given the publicity about whisky being a sound financial investment outperforming many staple types of investment, her interest perked up.

What with company pension being eroded we’re probably thankful for anything that is left when we finally decide to retire in, say, 3 decades time. Our discussion turned to worthwhile bottles and to her surprise I started to wheel off a list of reasonably priced bottles which in the future would be worth owning. Apparently whether it’s my collection of rare music or videogames, since a young age I’ve displayed a knack for the collectable. Now, I’m very much a believer in drinking whisky rather than leaving it on the dusty shelf. However this scheme has been given the ‘green light’ for me to purchase a few more bottles as I see fit over the years and these will be put aside for a rainy day.

Now this won’t stop my usual appreciation and enjoyment of a dram. Any visitors to the homestead will confirm that I normally have 10-15 bottles open and available at any one time; it’s important to ensure any guests are happy with their drink. Part of me is interested to actually see given a long term approach how some of my choices will perform. And the remainder will anxiously look forward to unleashing these bottles and sampling their wares if I decide to end the scheme one day. Either way, I’m a winner and if upon my retirement I want to sit down with a bottle I’ve been nursing since 2012, then so be it.

There are some ground rules that I will try and keep to as part of this endeavour. Although let’s be honest if a wonderful opportunity arises, temptation may get the better of me. So the rules are:

·         Scottish distilleries
·         Single malts
·         Cost no more than £250
·         Bottles that I would like to sample myself

These guidelines are simple but effective.  I believe that there are some great bottles out there within this price range and it forces a long term approach. It’ll be interesting!

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