Joined the W Club

Clubs, societies, gatherings and meeting of friends. These are core ingredients for many who love their whisky. For a while I’ve resisted, even though I’m in the heartland of some of most outstanding whisky societies, the desire to sign up has never been there for me. The Whisky Shop which has outlets across the UK, Generally it does a good job of promoting malts and introducing new consumers to the world of whisky. They also offer enough range and depth to satisfy most others. So after some consideration, I signed up for their ‘the W club’ and the Gold membership option for £25 which gets you this:

A nice wee package includes an introduction to whiksy (Scotch Whisky Road Map), the latest Jim Murray whisky bible and a small taster sample; for me it was the Bowmore 12 year. Handy items for some and a substantial proportion of the membership fee, but the membership also includes full access to their website. Now this is what I am interested in (along with the 10% discount on any purchases and exclusive bottlings), is their own magazine (3 times per year), competitions and feature access. So expect updates throughout the whole year of my membership.


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