Infographic: How Whiskey Was Distilled, 1942

Infographics are nothing new, as this proves. It’s a vintage feature on Hiram Walker’s whiskey distillery, Illinois, and how whiskey was made there. Click on the picture below to see the full image.

The feature came from Forbes magazine around 1942, and back then Hiram Walker was the world’s largest distillery. The figure in the text – which you can just about make out – suggests it was worth about $13,000,000. In today’s money, calculated via some spurious method, that’s anything from about $147,000,000.00 to $1,210,000,000 – either way, you get the idea.

I find there’s something comforting about the fact that not much changes in the distillation process – having said that, I’m sure any industry engineers out there would be able to spot the differences between then and now.

(Via Infographics Showcase.)

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