C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey

I’m sure this will send a few people reaching for their Whisky Bible. Okay, so this is actually a promotional design piece to capture the spirit of the Prohibition, and it was created by Trevor G. Rogers.

“C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey is a Prohibition Era style whiskey that holds true to the secrecy and mystery behind alcohol consumption during the Prohibition. This promotional packaging celebrates the tradition of American-made whiskey and the secrets kept to make it in the 1920s. This promotional packaging was limited to a select amount of pieces and assembled by hand.”

The design for this is very cool, and the lock motif that works from the name to the logo is a nice touch. I’d love to be able to have a book like that on the shelf in which I can stash a hip flask. I suppose, in theory, you could make one yourself, but this is a sublime piece of work and not easily recreated.


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