News: G.Whisky No.1

Just when you think you’ve seen every marketing and PR trick possible, someone takes a new approach to whisky. That’s what a bunch of German barkeepers have achieved with their new venture; G-spirit. They’ve taken the same approach to their trio of products (vodka, whisky and rum) to make them stand out in the marketplace. Well, they’ve certainly achieved that. I’m only going to talk about the whisky (5000 bottles) from now as this has been sourced from Scotland, finished in a sherry cask and bottled at cask strength 59.7%. The distillery of this 12 year malt is unnamed and probably that’s for the best as they might not have been aware of G-Spirit’s unique approach…

I’ve had to amend these photographs for obvious reasons if you visit their website then you’ll have to be aware that the model, or in this case Alexa, Playmate of the year 2012, is featured in all her glory. So, the ‘enhancement’ or twist is ‘we guarantee that every single drop was poured over the breasts of Alexa. This is confirmed by the bottling certificate, including the original signature of the model and the bottle number’. The bottles are produced in batches otherwise Alexa would reek of alcohol, make of this what you think – it certainly puts a twist on whisky filtering and whether its required. Another consideration is if it is bottled in Germany then it cannot be called Scotch Whisky. These bottles aren’t cheap either and I’m totally at a loss as to what the tasting flavours would be like with this unique interaction prior to bottling. Somehow I doubt the press will be lining up for tasters and for the growing number of female whisky drinkers this one will leave a sour taste in the mouth. It’ll be interesting to see how this new venture takes off.


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