New Arrival: Deanston Spanish Oak

Of the Deanston’s we had at the recent tour of the distillery this was the one that struck home more than its rivals. A marvellous twist on Deanston as we know it with the addition of a brandy cask injecting a new level of complexity and taste sensations including ginger, toffee and coffee. It is a distillery only exclusive (and that seems true unlike Diageo versions that pop up in specialist stores) and limited to 787 bottles. It’s so enjoyable as an after dinner malt with its typical layer of Deanston sweetness, that I may just have to drive over there an buy another…

You can read about the idea in the above photograph and generally I am not a fan of these fashionable cask finishes which quite often do very little apart from bump up the asking price of a bottle. This is one that warrants the introduction of a new finish as you can see the rich colour immediately, never mind the taste that soon unfolds.


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