Corsair’s Ryemaggedon

If the man who wears a sandwich-board on the boardwalk at Venice Beach is to be believed, the end of the world is near.

So, what to drink, what to drink…

Oh, I know – a bottle of Ryemageddon. The 92-proof experimental whiskey from Nashville’s Corsair Artisan Distilleries. While Youth thinks it will live forever, Age knows that all things go. Fitting, then, that this doomsday whiskey is the aged version of Wry Moon, Corsair’s rye white dog. I had the pleasure of sampling it yesterday at The Daily Pint but have been unable to find a source that sells it in the area or online.

When the time comes for the world to whimper its last goodbye, the only other item I want to have in my survival kit (aside from a fine whiskey and a hazmat suit) is chocolate. I believe that their master distiller, Darek Bell, who crafted this experimental whiskey with chocolate rye, has similar plans. As it’s my first foray into this realm of infused whiskeys, I’m interested in trying some of the other chocolate-infusions, like Pritchard’s Double Chocolate, for example, to experience the differences in flavor and intensity.

Ryemaggedon is a single-barrel whiskey distilled from 80% rye, leaving the other 20% for chocolate malt, malted rye and red wheat. While there’s no age on the label, I did find mention of it being aged for 4-6 months in 15-gallon barrels.

Color: tupelo honey

On the nose: vanilla up front, then dried fruit.

In the mouth: Take a dried apricot, dip its toes in chocolate. Shake some pepper on top and chew it down. Lovely, peppery rye for the usual back-of-the-tongue finish.
It’s bold and spicy like a zombie apocalypse.

Bell recently wrote a book titled “Alt Whiskeys” which he describes in an online Q&A forum as “a sort of whiskey cookbook. An idea book for making unique whiskeys that included things like the original and final gravity of the mash and recipes for different whiskey styles. We mainly focus on whiskeys that use alternative grains like quinoa or buckwheat, hopped whiskeys or whiskeys made from craft beers, and smoked whiskeys made from a smoke source besides peat.” Add some chocolate to the mix and you have some very exciting whiskey coming out from this distillery.

Corsair’s Ryemageddon took silver at the 2012 American Distillers Institute Awards. This is a very nice whiskey, a real pleasure to savor as the lights on the grid sputter out.


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