Bladnoch Visit

Bladnoch Distillery is a hidden treasure in the overlooked south-west region of Scotland. It isn’t an area I am too familiar with, however whenever I’m passing through a detour to Bladnoch is a must to see what’s on the shelves and to pick up some Whisky Broker releases, given the distillery kindly holds on these for me and is not affiliated with the Broker.

Bladnoch as I’ve documented on my distillery tour retains a unique character that sets it apart. It was refreshing to see the car park and distillery shop lively with visitors. Unless you’re holidaying in the area, Bladnoch is not a quick jaunt but fortunately the produce more than makes up for it. This time around there were a couple of new releases including a 12 year old sherry matured bottle that I’ll be covering later on, each with Bladnoch’s distinctive agricultural labelling.

It was a fine haul and now I’ll have to get around to organising some Taste write-ups for this blog – so expect some surprises shortly! As I write this the sun is shining on Scotland, so I cannot think of anything better to do than sit out in the garden and sample a few of these…


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