Taste: Bladnoch Distiller’s Choice Lightly Peated

Over the next few weeks expect a couple of Bladnoch Taste pieces as I sample a few bottles from the current range from my favourite Lowland distillery. Yes, ok, there isn’t much competition when it comes to Lowland distilleries that survive today in Scotland, but Bladnoch deserves more of spotlight even if it is not currently in production and remains stuck in neutral gear. The huge distillery site plays host to many casks from other distilleries for warehousing yet the current owners do release their own bottles from an increasingly appreciated range of casks.

As the hot weather arrives and many seek a light, refreshing whisky with summer notes then I’d point you towards Bladnoch. First up is the lightly peated variant of the subtle and grassy standard Bladnoch bottling. As always, the details although here information is very limited:

Distillery: Bladnoch
Distilled: No Age Statement
Bottled: No Age Statement
Strength: 46%
Cask Type: ???
Cask Numbers: n/a
Additional: A vatting of several specially selected casks. Lightly peated.
Price: £35.00

Colour: Golden chardonnay.

Nose: The distinctive grassy, floral Bladnoch notes are in position but as expected enhanced rather than diluted by the light seasoning of peat. Also evident are raisin, Danish wood polish and marzipan . 

Mouth: Well the peat is obvious again but it isn’t the main feature here, in fact it is very difficult to pick out one overriding flavour. Normally this would be disastrous for any malt. Instead this vatting is an assured accumulation which sparks some harmony in the mouth. Candy sugar, cut grass and moss. Not the longest longest finish by any stretch of the imagination but a pleasant malt.
Raith’s verdict: This bottle isn’t going to win any awards or recognition. It sets out to be a perfectly drinkable, likeable and inoffensive malt that in theory could be served up to anyone and enjoyed at any time. As a pre-meal dram or for enjoyment on hot summer’s days it is very accommodating and the short, inoffensive finish won’t hamper any other delights you have planned after this!

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