Taste: Caperdonich 17 Year Whisky Broker

Caperdonich distillery is sadly no more but its memory lives on with tales of the whisky pipe and a healthy stream of various independent bottlings that still appear today. You can read more about the distillery here.  

Whenever the immortal phrases ‘closed’ or ‘ghost’ regarding a specific distillery are banded about, prices normally swell and the chances to appreciate the malt dwindle.  Thankfully, Caperdonich releases still appear today, with the most recent being this 17 year old from the independent Whisky Broker. Priced at £43.20 it is a bargain to experience a slice of history and as always this is my own purchase. So, lets crack this one open and see whether we should regret the fate of Caperdonich to the whisky gods. 

Distillery: Caperdonich
Distilled: 13th June 1995
Bottled: 13th February 2013
Strength: 55%
Cask Type: Oak hogshead
Cask Numbers: 95068
Additional: 3rd release of 230 bottles, not chill filtered
Price: £43.20 (still available online)

Colour: no colouring added 

Nose: A blast of zesty orange, lime, liquorice

Mouth: A fiery beast. Pepper, charcoal, more liquorice. I really suggest adding water to this temperamental teenager. This encourages the zest to return and enhances the overall complexity.

Raith’s verdict: Ultimately this is more of a talking point and sampling a piece of whisky history. A powerful kick resides in Caperdonich that needs to be tamed. Discussion piece aside, this is a good winter dram to shake up the senses. The more I debate this bottle in my mind, the more I find myself leaning towards seeking out a much older Caperdonich. With the passage of time, I believe more flavours would come forward and a longer maturation period would refine the harsh nature in this 17 year old. 


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