New Arrival: Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof

One of my favourite distilleries is Bowmore. Not only do they provide a fantastic distillery tour which is one of the best I’ve experienced right here, they are also capable of producing some excellent whisky. In saying all of of this, Bowmore hasn’t featured much here at Whisky Rover simply because recent output hasn’t been enticing enough for me to make a purchase.

Speaking with other whisky enthusiasts who hold Bowmore in high regard, they seem in a constant mode of reminiscing about what the distillery used to produce. After a lull perhaps things are on the up with the release of this travel exclusion 100 Degrees Proof and the more recent Bowmore Devils Cask, which I’m trying to obtain myself. This is Bowmore at cask strength and the way it should actually be released, and enjoyed.

It represents a positive step forward, hopefully with more to come although there is a touch of trepidation from fans with the high asking price of the recent 23 year old Port matured cask. This bottle is one of a growing range from distilleries if you are passing through an airport. When on my travels to Italy last month this was one I had picked out representing a very good whisky at a reasonable price. Once I’ve worked my way through the backlog of bottles here at the Whisky Rover, expect a tasting review in due course.

Distillery: Bowmore
Age: No Age Statement
Distilled: n/a
Bottled: February 2012 (first released)
Price: £49.99
Limited Edition of: unknown but a duty free exclusive currently
Strength: 57.1%
Cask: Not stated but knowing Bowmore a mix of bourbon and sherry casks

Additional: Not chill filtered, described as small batch


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