Taste: Singharaj special old premium blended whisky

Time for the 2nd of the trio of Thai whiskies I’ve been experiencing. This one offers little English on the bottle so my information might not be entirely accurate but the nose on this one is more interesting than the Golden Cat V.O. Royal Thai Whisky, so a promising start.

What do we know? Well, this is from the United Products company and specifically the Pramualpol distillery in Thailand. I believe this bottle is known as Singharaj special old premium blended whisky bottled at 40% ABV. So it is another of the premium Thai whiskies which from what I understand are bottled at this strength or higher. Normal run of the mill Thai whiskies come in at 37% ABV.

It is a strange feeling, opening a foreign bottle with very little information evident on the contents and stepping into the unknown. Lets pour one now…

The man running alongside the lion is a distinctive icon. In fact this is evident on the 3rd Thai bottle that I’ll be reviewing soon to complete this Thai trio.

Colour: a very light straw
Nose: Immediate hit of bananas and little else suggesting the presence of a young grain in the blend. Some caramelised sugar but a very limited and transparent aroma
Taste: Really odd this one with a sour note before an immediate vanishing act and then absolutely nothing! I’d say this is young grain almost completely if not a huge percentage.

Another towering Thai disappointment. The journey continues for an average dram with the final and most mysterious bottle up next. 


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