Taste: Jim McEwan’s Symphony Number 1 Blend

Regulars will know that every now and then I’ll swap some drams with Malt Review for a series of blind tasting. You can read the previous exchange right here. This time around I’m going to review these separately and why not?

This is sample number 1, which the identity of wasn’t revealed until after the tasting notes were complied. A £15 small batch blend from one of the key ingredients of success at Bruichladdich giving us this Symphony Number 1 Blend. Wow! Not only a surprise from the price point, but also the quality of the dram. I’ve tried the Black Arts range previously and haven’t (as yet) been taken with them. Here, Jim as put together a blend that delivers for a superb price.

Colour: golden syrup

Aroma: I actually let this sit for a while to open up and breath a little, as there wasn’t much initially. By doing this and showing a little patience can reveal hidden rewards especially with shy, delicate whiskies. A nutty texture; peanuts on the nose, followed by an olive oil note that leans into beeswax. Then the arrival of citrus; or to be more precise freshly squeezed orange juice.

With the addition of a little water more sweetness unfolds. Real sugar with tablet, old fashioned lemonade and most apparent of all sherbet.

Taste: now this is a surprise, I was expecting a sugar coated sweet bomb of candy shop proportions. Instead more earthy, vegetative characters; walnut bread, fruit loaf and a thick coating on the tongue. Almost sherry-like with the wood influence on the spirit but there is a roundness; a harmony and balance evident before the cinder toffee finish. 

A great start to another set of drams from Malt Review. Over the coming weeks we’ll be touring through these other mysterious drams with more surprises in store!


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