Cadenhead’s Tamdhu 22 year old Port cask

Cadenheads Tamdhu review

I’m fortunate that living in Scotland I enjoy access to a wide range of whiskies and can indulge in some bottles on a monthly basis. Earlier this year I enjoyed a tour of Tamdhu which ignited my interest in this revived Speyside giant. Then recently, I had the opportunity to experience a example bottled in the 1980’s, so needless to say when this 22 year old was recommended by the staff at Cadenhead’s Edinburgh, it was an easy decision.

I‘ve spent the best part of a month taking the time to experience this Tamdhu at the weekend, normally as the last dram of the night given its bias towards sweetness. If you asked me if I was enjoying it, then it would depend when you asked, as I’ve been bouncing across all the spectrums. In reality this one needs a little investment from the whisky drinker to truly appreciation those depths, which are often shrouded in abundant sweetness and only appear as you enjoy the contents of the bottle.

It is a cunning monster; especially without water when you really feel the need to step away. Like a black sheep of the family a little perseverance pays dividends. Only now do I feel converted but isn’t it refreshing to face these whisky challenges when its so easy to pick up a drab shallow bottle instead?

Distillery: Tamdhu
Distilled: 1991
Bottled February 2014 (22 years)
Cask: port
Strength: 57%
Edition: 258 bottles
Price: sold out now but this was around £60

Cadenhead’s Tamdhu 22 year old – review

Colour: gold

On the nose: this really does benefit from water resulting in fudge, orange peel, mocha, sunflower oil, banoffee pie with more sugar features in the form of caramel, no make that Caramac.

In the mouth: at first without water I was thinking a flat beer to be honest! There is a real earthiness present here that reminds me of beetroot moving into red velvet cake. Liquorice is next up with a Cuban cigar. A real richness beyond the sweet topping.


Rest assured this whisky isn’t for everyone. Eventually I grew to enjoy its charms but such a realisation took commitment.

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