Review: The Feathery Blended Scotch Malt Whisky

Although this features Highland malts, the Feathery concept was born in Fife and that’s the home of golf. Spencerfield Spirit are doing rather well with the recent opening of their Edinburgh gin distillery in the heart of the city. The atmospheric Rutland setting below ground level gives a period feel to the environment and the sense of escaping the hustle and bustle of street life above. The gin tour is recommended.

Spencerfield have given us distinctive blends already with the Pig’s Nose and Sheep Dip. Losing that farmyard feel they’ve gone all sherry cask on us and brought their honed skills to the fore with the latest project; The Feathery. This for those of a non-golfing persuasion, which includes myself, although living in Fife it is hard not to pick up the odd bit of golfing know-how, this was the forerunner to the modern golf ball. In typical marketing spin that equals craftsmanship and in turn applies to this whisky. Speaking of which, lets see what this golf-ball-come-whisky is like.

Distillery: a blend of Highland malts
Cask: sherry butts
Price: this 20cl will set you back around £17.50, a full-sized bottle £45
Strength: 40% ABV

Colour: a rich blood orange. I’m tempted to say colouring added here but it’s likely the sherry casks have provided this luscious undercoat.

Nose: well I have to say sticky toffee pudding with a copious amount of sauce! One of our tried and tested methods to see how good a restaurant actually is. I’m thinking of the variation with dates in it here. A tea note of all things; black Scottish breakfast blend – I highly recommend the Eteaket brew if that’s your sort of thing, a touch of cinnamon and marzipan. A blend with character that’s for sure. Then getting back to the dessert theme; someone has come along and dumped a dollop of cream on top that has melted in the luxurious mix. A real crowd pleaser.

Taste: initially a suggestion of sulphur immediately vanishes and is replaced by melted sugar, oh this is really nice, moving in sherbet of all things. A fine piece of sculpture with some excellent casks I’m sure. I had my doubts about the 40% ABV but those are long gone now. Candied orange, sultanas and lashing of caramel. A cascade of typical sherry notes that I won’t repeat here.

The Feathery is a high quality blend, reasonably priced and provides a rich experience. It’s not enough to tempt me into golf, but I’m sure this is a class above some of whisky that will be served at the Ryder Cup next month. 


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