Review: Cadenhead’s 1824 Campbeltown Blended Scotch Whisky

As promised I’m making my way around the bottle-your-own cask options available in the Edinburgh Cadenhead’s shop. I kicked things off recently with the Islay entry in their blended malt whisky series.

Now we’re keeping things local with the Campbeltown option, which we can also take to be consisting mainly of Springbank. I’ve been slacking on Springbank reviews so I’ll try and do a couple more when cash permits – remember everything here at Whisky Rover are my own purchases unless stated otherwise. I don’t pursue marketing for free samples.

What I laid out on the Islay blended malt Scotch Whisky review also applies here. Namely these cask strength options offer great value and come in a variety of sizes and therefore prices. Meaning they are very popular with tourists wanting to take home something unique and personalised; you’re not paying for fancy packaging here folks.

Distillery: its a Campbeltown malt whisky blend so there are a handful of candidates! Maybe some Springbank, perhaps Longrow, Kilkerran and Hazelburn. However the best odds are on the first two I’d say.
Distilled: No age here so given the price this will be young, yet still good value
Strength: 57.5% ABV
Price £13.10 for this 20cl but prices go up to 70cl
Additional: non-chill filtered, no colouring added

Colour: rapeseed oil

Nose: a coating of sunflower oil, a real resin-like sticky quality on the nose. A real citrus topping with pineapple, orange zest and apricots. Beneath all of this some dying embers and vegetative notes. A good solid nose.

Taste: those embers transmit onto the palate with a lovely balance followed by some menthol punch and lime cordial. Passing through this honey sweetness arrives, no make that honey roasted ham with a punchy meaty flavour.  

A young spritely fellow, this offers enough detail to be a solid purchase and is priced accordingly. I’ve got another Cadenhead’s bottle-your-own to review shortly which is a peated cask at 49.5% which I know is Longrow and comes with a wee story. Expect that soon and the remaining cask options to follow over the coming months


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