Review: Duthies Highland Region Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Just where has the summer gone? Why you may ask? Well, this specific sample dates from a lucky dip win during the Jolly Topper Edinburgh walking tour back in August. The event was great fun and a lovely day out in the capital with a few drams and good company. While I haven’t written about the tour itself entirely I did mention the Caledonian grain whisky from the SMWS in an earlier piece. I’ll admit I have far too many samples from friends waiting way too long now, so lets address that by starting with the first out of the box in a random pluck.

This brings us onto the Duthies sample from a range that is being phased out. So what’s left is probably on Cadenhead shop shelves now if at all and Duthies filled an important role in the store catalogue by offering a quality blended malt whisky from under £30. A magical figure that many present-givers or work colleagues work towards; sadly no one in my office.

I’ve reviewed the Islay version in this range which you can read about here. A thumbs up overall and well priced, so lets get cracking with another whisky region; the often overlooked Highland location.

Distillery: a blend of malt whiskies from the Highland region
Strength: 46% ABV
Price: if you can find a bottle expect to pay around £28

Colour: oiled pine

Nose: a hint of pineapple moving in watermelon, hob nob biscuits with melted butter, actually its moving more into a fruit salad now that requires a couple of days to truly ripen. Overall a refreshingly light, summery nose lacking real depth.

Taste: most of the nose moves sweetly onto the palate – you can either view this as a remarkable transition or dull – I prefer the former. The audience is joined by lemon and vanilla cup cake.

Overall a decent enough blended whisky that is priced arguably a little too high given the experience. I did prefer the Islay cousin and there are better mass produced blends on the market that offer a more enjoyable ride.


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