Review: Binnys Four Roses Single barrel

We’re in bourbon country for this review which is a single barrel release via a large US retailer called Binny’s which is situated many in the Chicago region. I only have limited information about this sample that comes via the Jolly Topper after hot-footing it across the Atlantic.

From what I understand Four Roses every now and then makes available 10 different barrels to US retailers who snap these up to sell onto their customers. There is an element of experimentation from Four Roses with different ratios, yeast strains, wood types and mash recipes used so each barrel is fairly unique.

What we have here is the latest Binny’s version, but in the UK you can purchase equivalent bottlings from The Whisky Exchange for around £85.

Distillery: Four Roses
Age: 10 years, 11th months
Strength: 51.9% ABV
Price: was around $55 but seems to be sold out online

Colour: rubbed bronze
Nose: straight up vanilla moving into crème brulee, the sweetness of maple syrup and wood-bark note. Then to round it off candied orange, beeswax and currants.
Taste: restrained after the nose , almost gentle but prominent vanilla custard, spicy cinnamon almost a festive walk through a Christmas market feel to this one, with added pine trees, finally ended by roasted marshmallows.
I really enjoyed this one and its put a marker in my mind for trying more Four Roses releases as and when. The UK pricing around £85 is too excessive so I may have to wait until 2015 and my trip to Florida to source some bottles!

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