Three Years of Malt

This month – in fact, almost much to the day – is the third anniversary of Malt. Three years! In internet terms that’s a pretty long time. What does that look like in stats?

Well, basically there’s been over 430,000 page views from over 100,000 unique visitors. There are also over 100 direct subscribers using that little module on the right.

About a third of the traffic has been on a mobile device, so I imagine a great many people have either been reading Malt whilst searching for purchases at a whisky shop, or reading it on the toilet at work. Either way, thank you for your time here.

We’re still roaring away on Twitter and Facebook, along with my account on Instagram. The numbers on there don’t quite capture the enjoyment of the online community. I’ve formed great on and offline friendships along the way – far too many to mention here! – but they’ve made the whole process fascinating, entertaining and worthwhile. (A special tip of the hat to Whisky Rover, with whom I correspond to sharpen my whisky wit and regularly swap samples.)

Top posts

The most popular post by some way has been my dislike of that nasty thing in a blue bottle. Up there, surprisingly, has been a review of Dalmore Valour, which is a popular searched-for whisky (again, probably at airports, being a travel retail dram), along with Chrys’s review of Koval Four Grain. (And thanks to co-pilot Chrys for covering those American distilleries and telling some nice stories along the way.)

My personal favourite posts have been the interview with Charles MacLean, and also my super-extended distillery tour of Bruichladdich. Both were great honours, and I enjoyed them immensely.

The Future

These images can stir the heart of many a whisky drinker: row upon row of casks sitting quietly in damp dunnage warehouses, each one waiting for their moment in the spotlight; the small-hours clink of tumblers in a dimly lit snug; unscrewing a hip-flask of your favourite dram on the top of some rain-soaked hillside.

You know what I mean. Drink it how you want, but whisky transcends the status of mere liquid. More than any other spirit, whisky is about land and community. It’s the heritage of generations before us, something that unites all classes and backgrounds in solidarity. Whisky is style, not fashion.

A spirit to lift the soul, it’s that shaft of summer sunlight across a field of barley. And it’s the fire that helps many of us endure our own harsh winters.

Why would I want to write about any other drink?

And that’s why future for Malt will continue to be whisky and nothing else. Here’s to at least another three years.


  1. jude says:

    Happy third birthday! It’s been fun on the receiving end, and I’ve learned a lot, ‘that nasty thing in a blue bottle’ notwithstanding (snigger). Slainte!

        1. Mark says:

          Sadly not – based in Nottingham, so it’s not easy to get to these posh London gigs. πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know next time I head down to see if you’re around. And let me know if you stray up north!

          1. Greg says:

            I shall indeed – do you have my email address? greg@greatdrams.com in any case… drop me a note next time you’re in London and we should dram. Also – let me know if you ever want to guest on GreatDrams πŸ™‚

  2. liam says:

    Happy m-day!
    I’ve only recently come across your site but I’ve been impressed with the quality of the writing.
    My only desire would be for you to review more american whiskeys (as that’s such a massive collection of products), but I understand availability is an issue.
    Thanks so much for the site, and I hope your next three years are even more successful.

    1. Mark says:

      Thanks, Liam!

      Yeah, I’ve certainly concentrated on Scotch with the occasional Japanese whisky. I did go through a phase where I wanted to get through more American whiskey, but there seems to be a big boom in distilling over there that’s impossible to keep up with! Chrys posts now and then with some US-based reviews, and has found some good gems.

      So many whiskies, so little time! πŸ™‚

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