Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Welcome to my Father’s Day Gift Guide for the 2016! I’m Juliette Hearsay, official buyer for the high street chain The Whisky Plop. I assume have to purchase a gift for that all important tweed hero; father to your gorgeous enfant? Dismayed with the choice of whiskies and fake articles pretending to be independent gift guides? Look no further as you’re in the right lieu, as I call upon my extensive encyclopaedia of whisky knowledge to bring you some yummy treats.

What a delight to be asked back after my lavish Christmas Guide for 2015. I believe that my wise choices brought a little yummy delight to your festive season. Now for Father’s Day – or Fete des Peres – as we say Lorraine, I accept the budget isn’t as high as Noel. We have holidays to pay for after all, no freebies or corporate gifts here.

My budget for my father is £200. I could attempt to cross the channel to France to avoid paying your excessive UK taxes. This would expand my range of choice as whisky is cheaper in France – how is that possible? As I do not fancy an ocean cruise with football fans from Barnsley, we make do with staying in Engerland.

Magnifique! The latest release from Douglas Laing is The Epicurean and is a mind-blowing concoction of Lowland distilleries. Inspired by a 1930’s cheeky chap from Glasgow that could have stepped out of the realm  of Disney’s Mary Poppins. I have met a few men from Glasgow and they certainly cheeky, as well as smelly. The Epicurean oozes drama, style and heritage. For the princely sum of £37 you have a perfect drink mixer, stain remover or wood varnish for that a decaying garden table. A whisky with multiple uses for the DIY father in your life!

If your budget does not entertain the majestic and yummy Mortlach 25 year old? I comprendre, times can be difficult and the plastic inflexible. Instead we have to make do with its younger more salacious brother; the naughty 18 year old. This teenage renegade is cut from the same Parisian design ethic all that French chic – it’s what you’re paying for!
I’ve been told that once you’ve finished the nectar within, the London Russian oligarchs use their empty bottles to create a lavish Mortlach-inspired game of Jenga. 25 year old is the kingpin league. Keep those empties and you can try this at home one day. Before it becomes an Olympic sport that won’t require doping, only drinking!

Silly me, I thought this was the ‘Laddie 10 year old that has been discontinued. Ah non, it’s a revival of sorts in the same packaging but slightly les jeunes. Those sly Bruichladdich dogs playing havoc with our merchandise display. From Islay however unpeated, it’s a rather fresh and fruity expression with yummy pears and lots of oaky influence. One for the father who appreciates something with more balls.

The magician that is Richard Paterson aka the ego for this recent expression from his private Isle Of Jura gives us a taste sensation. Finished in Bouvet Ladubay casks, this great Saumur wine producer is famous for their sparkling wines. So this is a mariage made in heaven with Scotland’s finest whisky and France’s ultimate wine house combining to give us a new taste sensation. Yummy!

Please can you purchase a copy of this book? We cannot get into our staff room at the Whisky Plop due to unsold copies. I tried for Christmas, I try again for Father’s Day. It is the essential tweed-Land-Rover accessory. Carry this and it makes your man buff and complete.

Appeal over. I hope you find my 2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide of some use. We shall meet again come Noel.

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