Benromach Triple Distilled

Benromach Triple Distilled

The embargo’s well and truly over so I’m safe to write about the new Triple Distilled release from Benromach. Obviously, I see the point of an embargo; it allows people to prepare their articles in advance, to write something insightful, and not simply cut and paste a press release to be posted and tweeted simultaneously by a large number of people as soon as the clock strikes midnight. Well, that’s the theory anyway…

It was interesting to see the Benromach Triple Distilled being poured at the recent Distilled event in Elgin, the other weekend, prior to the end of the embargo. Despite relentless jibes from another Malt rover, who shall remain nameless, about how I’m unable to handle my drams at a festival, I did manage to remember the email and refrain from posting photos and comments on social media. Therefore, by now, you’ve probably read a fair bit about Benromach’s new expression from other sources and know the press release verbatim. So, let’s move on from that.

Benromach distillery was closed in 1983. It was just one of the many distillery closures as a result of the downfall in demand for Scotch whisky. After purchasing the distillery in 1993, Gordon and MacPhail were left with a mere shell; most, if not all, of the equipment had been removed by Diageo. This left the new owners with a carte blanche and they opted to make a Speyside whisky in the traditional way i.e. with a hint of smoke. In short, the people at Benromach make decent whisky and sell it at a decent price. Maybe the new start has allowed them to demonstrate greater levels of creativity with their whisky. However, it always feels as if the main purpose of this is a kaizen approach, rather than some marketing gimmick, to what becomes the end product. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But at least it feels honest.

Benromach’s latest creation – the Triple Distilled – has been matured for 8 years in first fill bourbon barrels and is bottled at 50% ABV. RRP: £44.99

Benromach Triple Distilled Review

Colour: pale gold

On the nose: very fresh. Freshly cut grass followed by a mix of lemon bon bons and strawberry laces. There’s also cream soda. Then the vanilla begins to develop as does the citrus becoming reminiscent of tinned clementines covered with Carnation.

In the mouth: unexpected tobacco makes way for dark chocolate. There’s lemon drizzle cake with plenty of icing. There are hints of rosewater syrup and there’s a much creamier texture than anticipated. Finish: lengthy and marginally drying. The lemon citrus continues and then hints of candyfloss emerge right at the end. Totally unexpected!

Score: 7/10

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  1. Welsh Toro says:

    Hi Justine, I’m surprised (but also not) that this is the first reply. This whisky, which is a fairly limited edition, has flown under the radar since its release and it’s still pretty available. I think it’s a lovely whisky and concur with your notes. A fair price too. WT

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