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Boutiquey whisky Langatun

Yeah, another Langatun review on Malt – no big surprise, I’m sure. Certainly, Mark has been awarding this Swiss distillery some big plaudits and scores with his recent reviews. It’s a fair shout if we ever do some Malt themed tastings in 2018 that Langatun may feature somewhere in the mix.

Truth be told what I’ve had from this distillery has been fairly impressive particularly when its youthful nature is considered. I’m not one to go overboard with praise being the quiet and restrained one of the Malt posse, but you have to recognise quality when you experience it. Even my current aversion to sherry or wine dominated releases cannot prevent an honest opinion. Switzerland, in general, is doing some impressive whiskies, but we’re quite limited in the UK as to what we can purchase. Langatun’s have been proving popular at retail and wait till Santis gets some overdue distribution on this side of the channel – some seriously wacky whisky!

Langatun can trace its roots back to 1857 with a family distilling business that shut its doors with the arrival of the first world war. Distilling remained outlawed in Switzerland until 1999 and the distillery was revived in 2007. Utilising an old building in 2014, it remains a small distillery but with an increasing fan base whether locally or internationally. As you may have realised by now, Langatun prefers to use sherry and wine casks rather than the traditional ex-bourbon barrels we see everywhere in Scotland. Needless to say, the annual output is tiny and prized by enthusiasts – who are growing in number.

The question you may ask is how a small distillery like Langatun is producing such a tasty whisky? There are no computers or even a spirit safe at Langatun. It’s essentially a traditional and inefficient approach that is driven by the attention to detail. The extra longer fermentation time and hands-on distillation ensure that every drop is prized and given time in wine or sherry casks that are of sufficient quality. All of this love comes through when you sit down with a whisky from Langatun.

This Boutique-y Batch 1 is bottled at 5 years of age and an outturn of 314 bottles, with a strength of 49.4%. Priced at £78.95 this is comparable with the official releases from Langatun and comes from a Fino sherry cask. As the official releases are always bottled in the 50cl size there’s no need to consider how much a 70cl would be. Sadly there isn’t a wooden box included, but we do have a stylish map label showing the migration of something towards Switzerland and this Boutique-y is the first independent bottling of Langatun.

Lagantun 5 year old Batch 1 – review

Colour: copper.

On the nose: very intriguing with some fresh ginger root mixed in with a rusty metallic dynamic. A fruit salad follows with a bowl of strawberries, Kiwi fruit, oranges and apples. Some caramel and white pepper, chilli flakes and nutmeg. There’s a lot of character here with milk chocolate and figs rounding off quite a journey.

In the mouth: it’s a subtle Fino cask that doesn’t dominate proceedings. A chocolate orange, almonds and pistachio nuts with a gentle layer of marzipan. A gentle layer of smoke follows with a decadent toffee layer, nutmeg and some vanilla.


Another very good whisky from Langatun and one that isn’t heavily dominated by the sherry cask. It oozes confidence and style with the end result being a very enjoyable dram. With just 314 bottles this might be worth placing near the top of your whisky purchase list.

Score: 7/10

My thanks to the Boutique-y Whisky Company for the sample and photograph
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