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“I can resist everything, except temptation” – Oscar Wilde

Teddy Pendergrass, a phenomenal artist in every way, was spellbinding to see live. While I haven’t enjoyed the pleasure in person, there’s a live rendition of his hit song “You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration” available online that’s stayed with me for years. Taken from a performance at what was then known as the Hammersmith Odeon in London, Teddy’s tender ode to the object of his ingenuity transformed into a near-spiritual affair on the stage that night.

Drenched in sweat and clad in a white double-breasted suit obviously incapable of containing the passion diffusing from his diaphragm over every note, he exhibits a serene control as he saunters through each sweet stanza with ever-broadening flourishes. By the end of the song, overtaken by the rapture of the moment, he seizes something that can’t be experienced in the studio version of the song. As the instrumentation crescendos, like the toll of a bell across the chill of night air Teddy belts out a single line, “I don’t mind going up!” It’s a perfect punctuation of the song’s sentiment, both accepting of the ascent and seemingly lost in the beauty of its virtues.

That very moment sprang to mind when a colleague recently told me about the subject of today’s review, Nowadays THC-infused spirit. The beverage, I was told, is perfect for spirits enthusiasts looking for a booze-free alternative. With the stated aim of bridging the gap between non-alcoholic and alcoholic products, my immediate reaction was one of intrigue. I’m not typically one to indulge in cannabis products, but life is short and Sunday evenings can be the exact opposite, so I reached out to the company and inquired about their products. Soon thereafter a package arrived at my doorstep featuring both their Low Dose and Micro Dose liquids, featuring 6mg of THC per serving and 2mg of THC per serving, respectively.

Inexperienced cannabis consumer that I am, I opted to dip my toe in by starting with the Micro Dose version. Three shots later (a serving size, conveniently is the equivalent of a loaded shot glass) and suddenly a visually stimulating film became a great idea. With the seal effectively broken, I sought to try the Low Dose version the following weekend. Upping my dosage came with an accompanying increase in creativity as I decided to try it two ways. First, for the sake of science, I tried it neat, and then emboldened by an infusion of inventiveness I made a “rum and dope” by relieving my fridge of ginger beer and blending a second shot of the infused beverage with Jamaican rum and lime juice.

While scoring this beverage under the typical Malt guidelines will prove a tad difficult, it’s with Teddy Pendergrass’ bravado and Oscar Wilde’s words above that I accept the challenge. Before we delve into the review here are the pertinent details: Nowadays Micro Dose features 33 mg of THC per 750ml bottle and has a suggested retail price of $40. Nowadays Low Dose contains 100 mg of THC per 750ml bottle with a suggested retail price of $60. For both products, the company says to expect “the intended effects” to arise within 15 minutes of consumption. Furthermore, each serving size contains 10 calories and 2 mg of sugar.

Nowadays Micro Dose – Review

Color: Clear.

On the nose: Tropical fruit strikes right away, and thankfully this doesn’t come across as artificial or medicinal at all. It immediately smells like an enticing cocktail with pineapple chunks and coconut rum. Though the company says it features “zero cannabis taste” I was surprised to discover there’s no aroma indicative of cannabis either.

In the mouth: It has a very clean and crisp mouthfeel, just thick enough to taste like a blended beverage but not so viscous as to coat the tongue and leave remnants of anything unpleasant. True to the nose, it’s full of tropical fruit and with a mercifully “micro” dosage; this is actually quite a treat just to drink on its own. I’m pleasantly surprised.


Nowadays Micro Dose does indeed have the intended effect after a short period of time and, frankly, it tastes delicious. In a second sitting, I opted to share this with a friend and, despite being the opposite of an inveterate infusion-based imbiber, I was surprised to see how quickly the bottle was depleted. Due to that, I would certainly recommend that veterans eschew this expression altogether and I’d say the same for those in the same boat as me. After all, you can always dole out your own micro doses of the more potent offering. It’s well priced, does what it says it’s going to do, and it’s tasty to boot, but considering the greater value offered in the Low Dose expression I’ve opted to deduct this one a point.

Score: 7/10

Nowadays Low Dose – Review

Color: Clear

On the nose: Once more, the aroma of pineapple chunks and coconut rum carries the day, and again the smell is absent of any medicinal or artificial notes. While it’s perceptibly earthier than Nowadays Micro Dose, the difference is slight, and it remains rather approachable.

In the mouth: Again, there isn’t much of a discernible difference though it is a touch more pungent and viscous. Once consumed, the intended effect set in with the same efficacy with a slight improvement in intensity. One serving size was quite enough for me to feel the effect, but after enjoying this in a cocktail during the same sitting (12 mg total) I still found the experience to be rather enjoyable. The sweet flavor is welcome on its own or over ice, but I think spirits enthusiasts, in particular, will enjoy blending this into either mocktails or cocktails both as a flavoring agent and to aid in a good time.


Your mileage may vary, but though I felt like two servings were quite enough, it would be easy for a more experienced cannabis consumer to up the dosage and achieve their desired effect. It’s a really satisfying beverage on its own but, due to its crowd-pleasing, sweet tropical flavors, I think this also has a lot of potential as a mixer. It isn’t overpowering either in the intensity of the THC or the pungency of the flavors which lends itself well to a wide variety of situations. As such, I’d recommend this over the Micro Dose expression because another $20 is a small price to pay for such a significant bump in dosage. Delivering added value without sacrificing the approachable flavor profile of Nowadays Micro Dose, Nowadays Low Dose rightly deserves an improved score. It seems I don’t mind going up.

Score: 8/10


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