Malt is one of the largest whisky blogs in the world. We cover mostly whisky, but have over the years added many other spirits to our repertoire. And even, somewhat surprisingly, cider. (No we didn’t see that one coming either.)

There is no one ‘Malt’, and no one opinion – there’s very little editorial ‘interference’ on that front, except when it comes to one distillery. We’re a collective of diverse writers from diverse places and with diverse thoughts on what makes a good whisky. We argue with others, we argue among ourselves. There is criticism in the sense that we critique – or at least try to. No opinions are really alike.


We’re in a transitioning phase in Spring of this year and bringing in a new editorial team to maintain the site and lead on a new approach to writing, so bear with us.



Malt-review.com was initially founded as a weekly blog in 2012 by Mark, who’s since written about whisky in publications such as Whisky Magazine, where he was one of the two lead tasters in 2017, Whisky Quarterly, Fieldsports Magazine and The Scottish Sporting Gazette, has been a whisky judge for a number of years.

For the sake of full transparency, Mark’s now the Head of Communications at Waterford Distillery and Renegade Rum. He had no intention of ever working in the industry, but some opportunities are just too good to resist… But it also means he now writes for Malt, well, not very much at all.

Joining our editorial team in 2019, is Abby.

Abigail (Abby to whiskey lovers) grew up in the southeastern US, graduated from UGA with wanderlust after studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, discovered wine, whiskey and other fun living in Las Vegas, and finally settled (psych!) for living abroad, first in Beijing, next in Kuwait, and for now, near Shanghai, China.

While originally and always a bourbon fan, she claims no alliance to the current administration and is an equal opportunity learner when it comes to whisk(e)y. Her day job is teaching English to teens in China while enjoying the country’s nascent whiskey market, where limited-edition, Europe- and international-only releases go unnoticed by the public in favour of Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker. In Abby’s mind, that = #winning. She also writes for the Bourbon Zeppelin.