A Honeymoon on Islay

A brief note from the editor (that’s me, Mark). I’m getting married, like, imminently. My wonderful wife-to-be (maybe actually my wife by the time this goes live) wanted to honeymoon in Scotland, as we love the place so much. This time she wanted to go to an Island – any island.

And, well, I merely made the suggestion that we go to Islay. Not for any particular reason (other than all the whisky distilleries).

So there may be a delay in service on Malt for a couple of weeks, in which I will most definitely be taking a snap or two of whisky distilleries around Islay. No guarantees, but hopefully I’ll post them on the Malt Twitter feed or Facebook page. I’ll likely chat about them when I’m back, too.

Have a few nice drams while I’m gone! I know I will be…

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