Article in Whisky Magazine

article in whisky magazine

For those of you who subscribe to Whisky Magazine, this month features an article by yours truly. The edition is a Speyside special, and my article is all about the history of the railways of the region, and how important they were to whisky production.

Article shotIt’s (hopefully) a pretty fascinating look at two things: the way the boom of the railways coincided with the post-Andrew Usher blending boom for Scotch whisky, all with a focus on the Speyside region – which was where it was all happening. Coal and steam was hugely influential in helping distilleries meet the global demand for Scotch. Needless to say, there was a fair bit of whisky theft going on around these trains as well…The lines are, of course, mostly gone now, which made the research all the more poignant.

There’s much more I could have waffled on about, but the limitations of print kept me to the point. If you are interested in further reading material on this subject, then drop me a line.

Digitally minded folk can read the article on their iPad.

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